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EST.  Windsor, Ontario, Canada

My name is Michael Mulhall, I am a designer who loves creating salient experiences for both existing and future products in prolific environments and deriving solutions using design and functional thinking. I create products that are deliberate and meaningful by intersecting design and tech. Throughout my journey, I hope to leave the digital human experience in better condition than where I found it.

I've always revered the power of thoughtful design to transform our society. I enjoy working on projects that bring people joy, whether it's by simplifying an interaction, battling a jargon of code, or allowing users to see things from a different perspective.


My community inspires me, and I care about driving the growth and innovation of equality. I strive to use design as a tool to help our society cultivate a healthy and sustainable culture. My daily passion is applying and testing my versatile skillset to design digital experiences for people and solving the right problems. In my spare time, I love spending time by the water, playing a round of golf, doodling in my notebook, or listening to some new tunes :)

my most recently played song is: 

(hopefully it's not embarrassing)


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