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DailyUI ―

100 Day UI Design Challenge

Challenging myself to design something new every day for 100 days while expanding my creativity by experimenting with diverse UI trends.



100 days (Summer 2021)


Adobe Suite (PS, AI, XD), Figma, Sketch, p5.js, JavaScript, Procreate, Flinto

DailyUI | 003

Login Page

Letter - 29.png

The login page for a road trip planning platform features a sleek black background, offering a modern and sophisticated look while reducing eye strain in low-light environments.

DailyUI | 008

Flight Pass

A4 - 7.png
Letter - 16.png

A more user-friendly method of showing and arranging the relevant boarding flight information architecture.

DailyUI | 017

Count Down

Letter - 15.png

Making the best of issues and trying to solve current world problems with a quarantine countdown interface.

DailyUI | 019

Music Player

Letter - 228.png

The music player app boasts a distinctive user interface that employs a dark monochromatic color scheme, and minimalist graphic elements, resulting in a sophisticated and modern design that enhances the user's music-listening experience.

DailyUI | 024

Weather Widget

Letter - 271.png

Design is characterized by its clean lines, dark palette, and modern aesthetic, offering an attractive and easy-to-use interface for weather information.

Data fetched using OpenWeather API.

DailyUI | 029

Direct Messaging

Direct Messaging.png
Letter - 19.png

DailyUI | 034

Credit Card Checkout

Credit Card Checkout.png
Letter - 20.png

A credit card checkout form, designed for efficiency and an undemanding user experience.

DailyUI | 045


Letter - 21.png

A mobile statistics page, that gave me a chance to absorb and explore neumorphism UI.

DailyUI | 051

A direct messaging desktop application that gave me a chance to explore glassmorphism design.


Food App

Food App.png
food app tools.png

A food app that serves two purposes. It allows users to order food to their door, and also allows them to view ratings, and nutrition facts.

DailyUI | 058

Cinema App

Frame 24.png
Letter - 24.png

A cinema app that allows its users to feel comfortable with the film and experience that they have chosen.

DailyUI | 064

Real Estate Platform

Frame 7.png
Letter - 25.png

A modern real estate platform that presents the brokerage with a clean and contemporary branding edge.

DailyUI | 068

Product Promotion Page


Tesla's website design sells luxury innovation. I've redesigned the Model 3 landing page into a simple, familiar, and easy-to-navigate experience.


DailyUI | 076

Mobile Redesign (CIBC)

CIBC - Redesign.png
Letter - 24.png

CIBC personal experience product redesign to get a deeper look at their new contemporary design system and themes.

DailyUI | 081

Article Story

article dailyui.png
article system.png

A story embedded in a fabricated media news outlet placing an emphasis on external promotional links, tags, and making connections with personable authors.

Article Placeholder Content

DailyUI | 085


map dailyui.png
map system.png

A modern mapping and navigation platform that allows users to be recommended and save potential destinations, as well as store metadata on previous trips to improve travel efficiency and satisfaction.

DailyUI | 087

TV App

TV App DailyUI.png
TV App system.png

A TV  App capable of streaming media that plugs into your TV and allows you to stream apps (such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and Disney Plus) so that you can watch your favorite shows and movies. 

DailyUI | 091

Integrated Development Environment

IDE system.png

Programmers and developers spend countless hours behind their favorite IDE so why not make it familiar and aesthetic? A personable IDE with customizable wallpaper,  components, and themes.

DailyUI | 093

404 Page

Letter - 31.png
MacBook Pro 16_ - 15.png

A sleek, contemporary 404 page with a dark color scheme for a ski gear company. Inspiration from: Tomasz Mazurcza

DailyUI | 098

E-Commerce Shop

E-Commerce Shop - grid.png
E-Commerce Shop.png

An ideal lean and modern aesthetic design for a watch e-commerce shop that would prioritize simplicity, with a minimalist layout and high-quality product images displayed to showcase the watches. 

unnamed (2).jpg
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